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The TRM software is a special tool of engineering analysis which examines the needs and necessary details of PCB simulations. Trace temperatures due to Joule heating (current carrying capacity) and board heating by components are calculated from physical principles but without academic ballast. Because the user is guided through the software in a way a software assistant does, it is perfectly suited for use by a PCB or assembly designer. Neither knowledge about numerical methods or gridding techniques is required nor a need to be coupled to a high-price electronic CAD System.

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TRM Bilayer
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TRM Bilayer

  • 2-layer boards
  • Node-locked license
  • Annual license scheme
  • Support and update service

TRM Dongle

  • Multilayers
  • Licensed on USB Dongle
  • Annual license scheme
  • Full support and update service

TRM Flex

  • Multilayers
  • Network license
  • Annual license scheme
  • Full support and update service
  • Other terms see below

Comparision Features

Features Bilayer Dongle Flex
Maximum number of layers 2 48 48
Temperature solution
Current carrying capacity solution
Steady state and transient
Access to read Gerber files with ViewMate Pro
Build-in simple Gerber reader
Max number of drills and components 10K 10K 10K
Portable license
Network license on server (FlexNet)
Annual license
3-year-license (on request)
$1500 p.a. $4000 p.a. $5000 p.a.

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