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For over twenty-five years, PentaLogix has lead the industry by providing innovative CAM and Gerber viewing products to engineers, designers and PCB fabricators.

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We offer a full range of PCB Services to help you take your PCB projects from concept to completion.

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Free PCB Design Check Service

using ViewMate with Smart DFM

Get a Full DFM Report and No-Obligation PCB Quote. Avoid CAM Hold Issues. Smart DFM checks:

  • Proper Board StackUp
  • Minimum Spacing
  • Minimum Feature Size
  • Inner Layer Edge Clearance
  • Soldermask Violations
  • Missing Files
  • dozens more...
Smart DFM check service

Thermal Risk Management (TRM) in Electronics

TRM is a simulation software for thermal risk management. You can purchase the software or let us prepare a Thermal Risk Report for you.
  • Don't trust promotion material about high current carrying capacity or optimized heat removal by thermal materials - until you haven't checked that on your board by detailed TRM analysis.
  • Not every thermal vias finally transports heat and is really needed.
  • Don't rely on estimates with thermal resistances, they rarely work: instead, temperature adjusts in a much wider thermal network according to circumstances.
Only a simulation can tell the overall thermal behavior and interaction of its constituents

  We currently use GerbTool here and I am trying to convince the management that CAMMaster is a far superior tool for what we are trying to do... I believe that when they see what can be done and how quickly it can be done (the above mods are currently done manually) they will go ahead with the purchase.  

-Paul Gilfillan

  Circuit Express Inc. has been using Pentalogix software for more ten years and we are very pleased with this software. We also use very expensive software other than Pentalogix and several times a month we have problems with customer data. We Cam more than 600 jobs a month and when the other software fails, Pentalogix always comes through for us...  

-Steven Garrison,

Circuit Express Inc.

  I happened to know that Pentalogix is the best of the best for reading in difficult files. (That's why I asked this company to buy me ViewMate Deluxe when I started working here). Anyhow, your software made me look like a hero today. Thanks! A $95 program could read in a file that a $50,000 program could not. This software is a breeze to install and never crashes... 

-Jason Dresdow

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