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CAMMaster Designer

CAMMaster Designer is the Designer's choice CAM software for the most demanding jobs. Experience the best CAD companion tool in the industry to get your jobs done. Panelization is a snap with all the features available in this package. Netlist extraction and DRC set the industry standard.

NEW! Add-On Modules:



Add-On Modules:

If you are an existing user and want to purchase the PCB Analyzer and/or the Single Design Panelizer please select Option "Add-On Module" and the module(s) you want to purchase.

CAMMaster without support for Visual Basic(r) compatible scripting, Rout editing and AOI machines support. We provide you a USB dongle. CAMMaster Designer can be installed on multiple computers but will only run on a computer that has the dongle plugged in.

*Includes 1 year free upgrades and technical support. Annual Software Maintenance for CAMMaster Designer Edition $500

For questions about CAMMaster Designer please contact us


  • Contour based netlist extraction
  • Advanced DFM checks
  • Automated aperture conversion
  • Layer comparison
  • NetConvert
  • Automated draw-to-flash conversion
  • Soldermask generation
  • Copper pouring
  • Silkscreen clipping
  • Venting & thieving
  • One year of free technical support
  • Netlist comparison
  • And, much more!