Dxf file converter

Viewmate pro
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Gerber / DXF File Converter

Import and export AutoCAD DXF files

ViewMate PRO, our high performance Gerber editor now has the ability to import and export DXF data. Move your data back and forth between ViewMate PRO and your favorite DXF CAD program with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Both import and export are extremely fast and accurate.

DXF to Gerber

Quickly import DXF files into VIewMate PRO. If you don't have a CAD program capable of editing DXF data, you can use ViewMate PRO to edit the file. Elements can be moved, mirrored, scaled and manipulated in many other ways. Outlines can be filled using our precise polygon conversion tools. When finished, you can save the data as either Gerber or a modified DXF file.
Viewmate pro

Gerber to DFX

It's really easy to convert data loaded in ViewMate PRO to DXF. Simply select File->Export->Autodesk DXF..., set up a couple of options and export the file. The resulting file can then be imported into your favorite CAD program for further editing or review. For example in PCB Manufacturing, you can create a composite view of your PCB data and import it into AutoCAD to ensure that all mounting holes line up as expected.
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