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Purchase ViewMate Deluxe today and we'll give you a $95 Coupon
**Redeemable for $95 off your next US QuickTurn PCB order**

Purchase ViewMate Deluxe for $95 and we'll give you your $95 back on your next PCB order

The coupon will be included with your "ViewMate Deluxe Download and Installation Instructions" email




The coupon will be included with your "ViewMate Deluxe Download and Installation Instructions" email

  ViewMate Deluxe - Computer Locked -    $95.00*
We issue you a license file that locks ViewMate Deluxe to a single computers ethernet card.

  ViewMate Deluxe - USB Dongle - Single User -    $245.00* 
We provide you a USB dongle. ViewMate Deluxe can be installed on multiple computers but will only run on a computer that has the dongle plugged in. 

  ViewMate Deluxe - USB Dongle - 5 User Network -    $450.00* 
We provide you a USB dongle to plug into your server. ViewMate Deluxe can be installed and run on any computer connected to your network. The allowed number of users running ViewMate Deluxe simultaneously is set to the number of users you purchased.

* Includes 1 year free upgrades and technical support.

For questions about ViewMate Deluxe please contact us


  • Smart DFM automated file fixing
  • Quote & Order boards instantly
  • Graphical PCB editing
  • NC drill editing
  • ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7 interface
  • Import & export multiple PCB data formats
  • Import & merge multiple aperture list formats
  • Complete editing capabilities
  • Multiple database units of measurement
  • Up to 255 layers of data
  • Up to 10,000 simultaneously used apertures
  • Layer editing operations
  • Step & repeat
  • Optimize and panel file arrays
  • Numerous layer operations including align, convert, snap to grid and many more
  • And, much more!

Produce perfect manufacturing files every time with the built in Smart DFM module. Whether you're a designer that wants to check the output from his CAD system, or needs to edit the job, to the board shop that needs to get their jobs done accurately and in a timely manner; ViewMate Deluxe, with Smart DFM is the tool for you.