• Includes Smart DFM & ViewMate Responder
  • Full layer by layer design visibility
  • Quote and Order PCBs instantly!


  • Includes Smart DFM & ViewMate Communicator
  • Edit and Save Gerber & Drill Data
  • Put Multiple Designs on a Panel
  • Import ODB++
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  • Includes Smart DFM & ViewMate Communicator
  • DXF -> Gerber -> DXF
  • Stencil Aperture Creation
  • Import ODB++
  • Many Advanced CAM Features
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New Feature: ViewMate Communicator

Now you can use ViewMate to communicate with your customers using

"Live CAM Data"

  • Need to tell your customer about a problem with their Gerber, Drill or Stencil data?
  • Tired of playing phone tag to get problems resolved?
  • Add time stamped "Live CAM Views". Your customer can zoom, pan, and edit the data!
  • Your Customer can use our free ViewMate Responder to communicate with you
  • Want to archive the communication between you and your customer?
  • You can do all this and more with ViewMate Communicator
  • Best of all... ViewMate Communicator is included free with any of our CAM editors!
ViewMate Communicator
Compare Features ViewMate Gerber Viewer ViewMate Deluxe ViewMate Pro
Smart DFM Yes Yes Yes
Quote and Order Printed Circuit Boards Yes Yes Yes
New ViewMate Communicator (Communicate over email using "Live CAM Data") Yes Yes
New ViewMate Responder (Respond to communications using "Live CAM Data") Yes
Import Gerber, and rout (Excellon etc.), DPF, ODB++, HPGL Yes Yes Yes
Import CAD and CAM aperture lists Yes Yes Yes
Print Yes Yes Yes
Measure sizes and distances Yes Yes Yes
Export Gerber, DPF, NC drill Yes Yes
Save jobs with all layer data in one file Yes Yes
Setup templates for easy loading of multiple layers Yes Yes
Add and remove elements, insert text, and chamfers Yes Yes
Rotate, mirrror, scale and swell Yes Yes
Panelize a job or several jobs Yes Yes
Convert negative layers to positive Yes Yes
Import IPC-356 netlist Yes
Show all elements that are electrically connected Yes
Layer to layer comparison Yes
Sort drill holes to optimize path Yes
Generate stencil apertures Yes
Convert drawn pads to flashed Yes
CAM tools (venting, filleting, remove unused pads, clip silkscreen, etc) Yes
Calculate copper area Yes
DXF File Converter Yes


I happened to know that Pentalogix is the best of the best for reading in difficult files. (That's why I asked this company to buy me ViewMate Deluxe when I started working here). Anyhow, your software made me look like a hero today. Thanks! A $95 program could read in a file that a $50,000 program could not. This software is a breeze to install and never crashes. I’ve dealt with around 5 different PCB CAM packages in my 18 year career and this is easily the most stable

Jason Dresdow Circuit Services WorldWide