PCB Assembly Services

PCB Assembly Services

Our PCB assembly capabilities range from quickturn prototype to high volume production. Our state-of-the-art facility allow us to build quality products to meet the high standards expected by our customers.

  • PCBs assembled in as little as 24 hours
  • Thru-hole, SMT, and mixed assembly
  • Machine-placed SMT
  • No minimum or maximum quantity
  • Dedicated to on-time delivery
  • Online quote & order

If you need a turnkey quote please email the Gerber files and Bill of Material (BOM) to pcbassembly@pentalogix.com. We will email you a turnkey quote in 24-48 hours.


We offer kitted and turnkey assembly services. Whether you supply the parts or we do, our certified assembly technicians can build your quality products with our state-of-the-art SMT and through hole equipment.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

Assembly Types

  • Surface Mount(SMT)
  • Thru-hole
  • Mixed Technology (SMT/Thru-hole)
  • Single or Double Sided Placement


  • Leaded
  • Lead-free/RoHS Compliant
  • No-clean and Water clean Fluxes

Component Types

  • Passive Down to 01005 Sizes
  • Ball Grid Array(BGA)
  • Quad Flat Package No-Lead (QFN)
  • Quad Flat Package (QFP)
  • Small Chip Package (Pitch of 0.2 mm)

Type of Services



You provide all the parts including the bare printed circuit boards and electronic components, we assemble your boards using our state of the art automated equipment.

Partially kitted

Partially Kitted

You provide the "hard to find" parts, the "custom" parts, the parts you have in inventory, whatever parts you have! We help procure the rest of the parts, the PCBs, whatever you don't provide,then assemble your printed circuit boards.

Full turn key

Full Turn-Key

We manage the entire process from procuring the bare printed circuit boards and all parts through assembly and testing as your application requires.

Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest SMT and THT equipment to manufacture quality and reliable products in a timely fashion for our customers.

Equipment List
Automatic Stencil Printer Yamaha YCP 10
Manual Stencil Printe DDM Novastar SPR-25
Automatic Pick & Place Machine Yamaha YSM 20
Automatic Pick & Place Machine DDM Novastar LS60V
Automatic Vapor Phase Reflow Oven R&D Vaportech RD52 Inline System
8 Zone Reflow Oven One Click Machine M8
5 Zone Reflow Oven DDM Novastar GF-125 HC
3D X-Ray Glenbrook RTX-113HV
Microscopes LUXO
Stencil Laser LPKF G6080

Files Requirements

Please include the following files with your order. Please include then in a single ZIP file.

  • Gerber Files
  • Please include all the layers (copper, soldermask, silkscreen, solder paste, etc.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) in Excel format. Your BOM should include:
    • Reference designators
    • Quantity of each part
    • Manufacturer part number
    • Part description
    • Type (SMT, Thru-Hole, Fine-pitch, BGA, etc.).
    • Package description (QFN32, SOIC, 0805, etc. package is very helpful but not required).
  • Centroid File
  • Also known as pick and place file. It should include component locations, rotations and reference designators.

PCB Fabrication Requirements

  1. All Printed Circuit Boards must have fiducial marks.
  2. Your PCB length and width must be at least 2 inches (approximately 50mm). If your individual PCB is smaller than 2 inches you should panelize your boards. Our support team is available to assist if you need help.
  3. Components should be at least 0.120 inches (3mm) from board edge. If components are closer or overhang the board edge then borders will be required. When components are close to the edge we prefer tab routs with mouse bites instead of V-scored panels

Guideline for Ordering Parts

Extra parts will be required on small builds (1 to 25 boards) to be as follow:

  • 0201 to 0603 size: Minimum extra quantity 50-100 plus required quantity
  • 0805 to 1206 size: Minimum extra quantity 15-20 plus required quantity
  • On large size components 1 or 2 extra parts is fine
  • All items must be on a continuous strip or reel
  • For large runs extra parts by percentage is OK
  • Special instructions must be provided if components need special handling such as no clean solder.


Please ship all kits to:

PentaLogix, Inc.
Attn: (Insert Order Number)
10191 SW Avery St.
Tualatin, OR 97062

Please ship each kit separately. Do not combine multiple orders in one box, unless kits are clearly marked and separated. All kits should have a packing slip listing all the items and quantities included in the kit. We appreciate an email sent to us with the tracking information, especially when drop shipping multiple components from suppliers.


PentaLogix wants to provide you with an accurate and smooth assembly process. To ensure that your job is not placed on hold, plese follow these guidelines:

  1. Accurate Data

    An error free assembly process requires accurate data. Each job should have a BOM (bill of materials), a pick and place file (also known as a centroid file) andmatching Gerber data. Add a DO NOT POPULATE (DNP) column to the BOM if there are parts which should not be populated on the PCB.

  2. Ensure Proper Footprints

    Some parts are available in different packages. Make sure that the part you specify in the BOM matches the footprint on the PCB.

  3. Organize Components

    Parts should be separated into individual bags or trays. Each bag or tray should be marked with Manufacturer name and Manufacturer part number and all reference designators where the part is used. If needed, you can substitute distributor name and part number in place of (or in addition to) manufacturer information.

  4. Multiple Jobs Per Order

    The parts for each job should be packaged separately. Include separate BOM and pick and place file for each job

  5. Component Quantities

    Include extra parts to account for possible attrition during assembly.

    Extra parts will be required on small builds (1 to 25 boards) as follows:

    • 0201 to 0603 size: Minimum extra quantity 25 plus required quantity.
    • 0805 to 1206 size: Minimum extra quantity 10 plus required quantity.
    • On large size components 1 or 2 extra parts is fine.
    • We prefer all SMT parts to be on a continuous strip or reel.
    • For large runs extra parts by percentage is OK

    We will return any unused parts to you when we ship your assembled boards back to you.

  6. Update your BOM and Pick and Place File

    If you have any last-minute design changes, please remember to reflect these changes in your BOM, pick and place file and any other relevant documentation.

  7. Mark Polarity

    Make sure you indicate proper orientation for all parts that have polarity. Place a dot or a number “1” on pin 1 of ICs where the orientation is not obvious. Ensure that polarized capacitors and diodes are properly marked.

  8. Special Instructions

    Provide detailed instructions for any special procedures required to assemble your boards. Include sketches, photos, PDF files and/or drawings as needed

  9. Drop Shipping from Suppliers

    Please ask your suppliers to place your PentaLogix Order Number on the outside of any package dropped shipped to us.

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If you have any questions, please email us at: