SD360U SMT Stencil Printer

The SD-360U SMT stencil printer is equipped with a holder that has a unique up and down lift system to position the stencil over the prototype PCB. The stencils do not need mounting holes and fixing a stencil is fast and easy.


HW-T4-50F / 44F

4 Heads
50 Electric Feeders
6 Cameras
Precision Servo Mechanism


SPR-45VA SMTrueTM Vision Assist Stencil Printer

The SMTrue(TM) Vision Assist stencil printer is cost efficient and has precise alignment for stencil to printed circuit boards down to 12 mil ultra fine pitch components.


H4E Automatic Stencil Printer

This automatic printer H4E with automatic vision recognition function using high-precision Servo drive system to achieve fast and accurate alignment, that can reach +/0.01mm of precision.

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LS40V Pick and Place Machine with Vision

The LS40V is our most popular model with Vision. The LS40V offers technologically advanced features with a 13" x 22" (330mm x 559mm) work area, 56 single feeder positions (up to 84 feeders using bank feeders) where quick setup, ease of operation and high reliability are paramount.


MPP-21 Manual Pick & Place System

The Gold-Place™ MPP-21 pick & place machine allows an operator to accurately and efficiently place SMT components manually on the printed circuit board.


GF-12HT Conveyotized SMT Reflow Oven

It uses a patented Horizontal Convection™ technology that circulates heated air in each chamber around the printed circuit board front to back which increases the thermal efficiency and uniformity within each zone.


GF-B-HT Shuttle Batch Ovens

The Gold-Flow™ GF-B-HT Shuttle Batch oven was designed for prototyping printed circuit board assembly and batch production runs. Capable for lead or lead-free soldering. While one PCB is being processed, another circuit board can be cooled and off-loaded, then a third board can be loaded and shuttled into the chamber for reflow


Mistral-360 SMT Convection Reflow Oven

The Mistral 360 convection reflow soldering system uses re-circulated hot air to accomplish reflow at much lower temperatures than IR systems.


E-400 Lead-free Wave Solder

Touchscreen controlled Lead-free wave solder with titanium finger conveyor/stepper controlled spray fluxer.

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HW-450 Heavy duty Lead free Wave solder machine

If you are searching for the maximum level of automation and performance in a single heavy duty wave soldering machine, then this is the machine for you.

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iBot 1 Soldering Robot

This IBot-1 Soldering robot comes with a single PCB station that can move in Y direction, with tip that can move in X, Y, Z, R directions...


HBS-A4T Hot Bar Soldering Device

HBS-A4T Hot Bar Soldering Machine use thermode technology that based on rapid reflow by pulse heating to effectively solder flexible board on the PCB. Real time display on the touch screen.


AR-450 PCB Router

This AR-450 is equipment with high speed spindles, 42000 RPM will be able to cut PCBs made of FR4, fiber glass, Al, and can ensure <0.05mm routing accuracy.


GR 300S Single Station Desktop Dispensing System

The GR300S is an automated desktop type dispensing robot with a variety of dispensing valve and material feeding system to meet different material dispensing requirement