Prototype SMT Stencils

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24-Hour Turn
Quick Overview
These laser cut stencils are specifically designed to manually print solder paste onto circuit boards.
  • Eliminates tedious hand soldering of prototype circuit boards
  • Reduce circuit board assembly time
  • Comes with flaps to contain and control the paste application
** Stencil kit comes with a squeegee blade and board holder.
** Our process using a Toaster Reflow Oven will make your prototype circuit board assembly easier and save you time.
** We back up that with a money-back guarantee program.
Your selection is: Prototype SMT Stencils
Prototype Stencil Type
Only the foil
Aperture Count
Up to 3000
Unit Price: $125.00
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Stencil Form

Zip File ( Gerber(s) or DFX )


Prototype Stencils are laser cut stencils custom-made for your own circuit boards using your Gerber files. These laser cut stencils were specially designed for manual printing. They come with a squeegee blade and board holders. Our Prototype Stencils & Toaster Reflow Oven process will make your circuit board assembly job easier and save you time. We are backing that with a money-back guarantee program.

Main features:

  • Eliminate the tedious error-prone process of hand soldering your circuit boards.
  • Reduce circuit board assembly time.
  • Improve quality of your prototype circuit boards.
  • Comes with complete instructions.
The hard way - Hand soldering.

Every day offers new Surface Mount Devices that tantalize you with capabilities you can't find in through hole components. Many types of through hole devices are getting more difficult to find as time passes by because SMT is a more streamlined and profitable process for bigger manufacturers. You would like to take advantage of the newer SMD capabilities, but you may have avoided it because of the problems associated with hand soldering the leads.

You know that stencil printing your paste and reflowing your SMD assembly is the right method but until now nobody has a stencil printer or a reflow oven that is small and affordable.

The Stencils Unlimited way - Prototype SMT Stencils. Click to zoom

Guess what? You now have both. Prototype stencils do not have the sophistication of stencil printing and reflow equipment, but it gets the job done including double sided circuit boards. You can even do it from your garage.

It is possible to cut your circuit board assembly time, increase the quality of your designs and open the door to mixed technology you want to work with.

1. Setup Stencil

Set up your Prototype
      Laser Cut Solder Paste Stencil. Click to zoom.

2. Apply Solder Paste

Apply your Solder Paste
      using your Squeegee Blade. Click to zoom.

3. Place Components

Apply your Solder Paste
      using your Squeegee Blade. Click to zoom.

4. Reflow - Toaster Oven

Reflow the circuit boards using
      a reflow toaster oven. Click to zoom.


Maximum size 12”x10”
Minimum cut width 0.002"
Technology 100% laser cut (using our laser cutting services)
Material Stainless Steel
Stencil thickness 0.002" - 0.015"
Aperture tolerance within 0.00025"
Fiducial Data Yes

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