Understanding Our Quick Turn PCB Assembly Services

Understanding Our Quick Turn PCB Assembly Services

By 2022, the global printed board circuit board market is expected to reach $72.6 billion. That means that if you work in an industry that relies on PCBs to operate, there’s bound to be a lot at stake and very little time to waste. That’s often where quick turn PCBs come in. By working with a PCB manufacturer that offers quick turnaround times for prototype PCBs, your business can avoid costly delays and ensure that the PCB design is correct before placing an order. Wondering whether you should go the quick turn PCB route with us? Here’s what you should know about our process.

Our rules are less restrictive than those of other manufacturers

With quick turn PCBs, you may find some manufacturers place constraints on the potential for your PCB layout. But with our services, the sky’s the limit. Your prototype PCBs can have two, four, six, or eight layers and can feature internal cutouts and a complex board shape at no extra charge. We also offer green soldermask (on either the top or bottom) and white silkscreen (on the top, bottom, or both) to be included in the cost. Not only will we provide electric testing for you as well, but we also provide a Smart DFM File Check that will catch both minor and major design errors. Depending on the type of board, we can ship it to you in anywhere from one to five business days. This means that no matter what kind of PCB you need, we can make it happen in a short amount of time.

A note about submitting your design files

With our system, submitting your design through our Smart DFM File Check will be your best bet. You’ll be able to find and fix any errors you come across before getting further into the process. After going through the file check, you can then save your design as an .ezq file, which can then be submitted to us to manufacture. You can also send us this .ezq file if you need extra assistance.

The Smart DFM File Check is by far the easiest and quickest way to begin, but you can also send us raw Gerber and Drill files instead for us to process through our Smart DFM system. If you choose to go this route, we will edit these files to remove Smart DFM violations, email you with any changes we’ve made, and send a finalized .ezq file to you. As long as you approve any changes made, we can then manufacture your PCB.

Once you submit a design to us, we will keep it for the next three months to ensure you can place your order with ease. Please note that files are encrypted and retained in our secure database for your protection.

Ready to start the quick turn PCB assembly process?

Regardless of the shape of your PCB design or the number of layers it has, chances are that we can produce it for you in a matter of days. We can also ship virtually anywhere in the world, which means location is no object. If you’d like to find out more about how our quick turn process works and whether your design will work well for this method, please contact us today.

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